Friday, April 1, 2011

Home Remedies

You know you're sick when nothing on Food Gawker looks appealing. Who would've thought that day would come? Of course, it is the flu that has caused this sudden loss of appetite and my temporary two day move to the couch - where I eat, sleep, and live now.

I've been doing the usual: drinking lots of fluids, ginger tea, lemon tea, honey, salt gargles, and even cayenne pepper gargles (the lengths I will go to just to start feeling better), but you know what has worked the absolute best: The Cosby Show. Allow me to show you just one short sample of greatness:

Thank you Huxtables for making me feel better.


  1. aw, anj. i hope you feel better soon! :)

  2. oh dear, I love that vid!

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