Friday, March 25, 2011

My friend Pimms

Seattle, on your sunny warm clear blue skies kinda days, you make me never want to leave this glorious city.

Let me introduce you to my friend Pimms. Pimms and I meant on my trip to Zambia last year and while it was supposed to close to Winter, it was still blazing hot and nothing was as refreshing as some Pimms with Ginger Ale.

If Seattle weather does anything to you, it most of all, turns you into a sissy that can't tolerate any heat. At all. I played soccer with my preschoolers the other day in 60 degree weather and we were all complaining about how hot it was - sweating through our t-shirts and all. 60 DEGREE WEATHER? I can't imagine what 80 degree weather will do to us. But I know how to prepare for it...

Shorts. T-shirt. Flip Flops. Pimms and Gingerale. It's all you need.

Ever-Refreshing Pimms & G'Ale
Makes one tall refreshing glass

Get yourself a pint glass.
Chuck in a few ice-cubes, one...or three shots of Pimms No.1 Cup (depending on your taste) and fill the rest with some Ginger Ale. Adding some lime and some thin slices of green apple also make the drink really tasty.

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