Sunday, March 6, 2011

Chicago, I like your style.

I think of Lupe and Common when I think of Chicago.

No more, my friends, no more. I got to visit Chicago for the first time a couple of weeks ago and despite what everyone else told me I did not freeze my face off. In fact, I had a WONDERFUL time and  also got to tackle the beast that is deep dish pizza:

I like pizza. A LOT. I also like eating more than a slice or two or three when I do have pizza. I had ONE slice of this bad boy and I woke up the next morning still full. Crazy!

My food highlight from the trip was definitely the Naanwich I had from Gaztro-Wagon:

Anaheim chile, figs, leeks, and chihuahua cheese all wrapped into a delicious naan with of course plantain chips! SO incredibly fresh and delicious. Oh and of course, the meal was accompanied with delicious Chicago-made Goose Island Root Beer.

Chicago, you were wonderfully refreshing, exciting and so much fun to explore. I returned back to Seattle with this view of the mountains:

Beautiful, I know. But please let this not fool you, the rain the gray clouds and the cold have been consistent. I think it's time to put the Girl Scout Cookies on hold and put my baking pants's time to create something sweet, warm, and maybe even a little inspiring if possible - anything to contrast this weather we're having.

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